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 Clan Wars !!

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Clan Wars !! Empty
PostSubject: Clan Wars !!   Clan Wars !! EmptyWed 29 Dec - 22:53

i have asked a couple of clans if they would have a Clan war but havent got any
success yet.
so if you could ask other clans if they maybe would do a clan war and if they accept you
could reply here and say when they would make a CW Very Happy

dont forget to give pointis on my reputation Wink
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The Punisher
The Punisher

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Clan Wars !! Empty
PostSubject: Re: Clan Wars !!   Clan Wars !! EmptyWed 29 Dec - 23:01

dude -.- Suspect

WE ALREADY KNOW WHO WANNA HAVE CLAN WAR , its nxt week, how many times do i have to say that!, and no dont go to every1 asking them for clanwar, let them come here and post, or i ask them or vigilant or twisted... so ...

nxt week ill specify bounce

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Clan Wars !!
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