Elite Sniping Company!
Join us, if you are a clan member or not!! you are always welcome to join!

Join us so you get all the latest news from Black ops! and cool stuff and some awesome stuff about the clan!!

Although you clan apply too!

Join us on the server! /connect

Also join and register, to get latest updates, and stuff about black ops glitches, and etc... =]

Elite Sniping Company!

One of the Best Sniping Clans on Call of Duty Black ops PC! =E$C= We Inspire you
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 Clan Recruitment

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PostSubject: Clan Recruitment   Clan Recruitment EmptySun 9 Jan - 19:22

Your name: Christian Klitte
Your Steam ID: chkcotw
Your age: Turning 15 in 2 days Very Happy (11-01-1996)
You got invited by: My mate, Q-Force
Your level on Black Ops: Prestige 3, lvl 39
Why do you want to join E$C?: I like to be in a community and chat with others and be friends with everybody Very Happy
I really, and i mean REALLY enjoy to hang out with some clan buddies and chilling while enjoy playing a game or two Smile

Extra information:
I have used L96A1 since Prestige 1
Im not playing ANYTHING else than L96A1.
If a automatic, then AK74U, but i only play sniper servers Smile
I have bad days and good days, which really pissing me off sometimes Very Happy (but havent we all?) ;D
Im from Denmark

I have a Black Ops server, hosted at GameServers.com, but at the moment it cant be found without having the IP. And the RCON admin stuff works once every fifth time i play on it.
(Somebody out there, that can helP? Very Happy)
I own the server with on of my friends.
IF i can join i MAYBE have a server available for gaming.
(If the GameServers supporters can fix it, and my friend says OK to let it be E$C server.
But thats just an option Smile


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PostSubject: Re: Clan Recruitment   Clan Recruitment EmptySun 9 Jan - 19:29

I dont think we need a try out hes totally pro and have played in private with him before :DDD
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Clan Recruitment
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